Cycling tour with the MICE team is not just a paddling experience. We tailor it according to your requirements. Exploring different cultures, customs, lifestyles and languages in different provinces in this wonderful island with a team of professionals will add more values to your cycling tour which can be remembered for a long period of time. Riding through beautiful paddy fields, crossing rivers and other scenic places or paddling through the narrow roads avoiding the traffic and discovering some beautiful cities and wonderful urban attractions with small local markets are some of the memorable cycling expeditions in this lovely island. Taking a cycling tour in the coastal roads and exploring fishing villages, fish markets, turtle hatcheries and many more coastal attractions will be another memorable experience that you will never miss in Sri Lanka.  Sri Lanka often offer mixed terrains for cycling.  Mountain biking, Adventure cycling, Village cycling expeditions, Night city biking are some of the most famous cycling tours in Sri Lanka.  The MICE team adventure has the expertise at the ground level to operate any type of cycling tour around the country. We attend to all your details and make sure that you get the right cycling tour with the best safety standards. 

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