If your group size is less than 30 guests, this could be an ideal private compartment for a scenic and memorable train journey that fits with your budget. This dual-purpose luxury carriage is designed to increase the seating capacity of the Viceroy Special to accommodate larger groups as well as to be attached to the public service trains for the benefit of individual passengers and smaller groups in a more affordable way. The carriage has been refurbished in period style to reflect an ancient charm to be compatible with the authentic Viceroy Special, which is operational on charter basis. The air-conditioned carriage has 24 comfortable reclining seats with tables, fine dining, bar, high-end sound system and WIFI facilities. The carriage can be attached to the Viceroy Special, which runs with its own engine or may also be attached to any public service train, which make the Viceroy II a more affordable service than the Viceroy Special.


Chartering Viceroy train for 2- 3 hours journey to Pinnawala, Kandy or Galle with on board lunch with Chilled beer or snack with tea and coffee would certainly give a refreshing experience in your incentive tour to Sri Lanka. Having a capacity of 100 seats with comfortable fittings, this train is more suited for a large group that needs an exclusive rail experience. 

The Viceroy Special a vintage steam train and the only one currently in operation in Sri Lanka, offers a more luxury travel experience. Complete with period fittings, a bar and smoking area, dining and recreation area, plush seating with an observation cabin, on board music and Wi-Fi, and four course menus, The Viceroy offers an experience like no other. The train is run on a charter basis and runs to any destination in the island. The hill country ride in Sri Lanka, which is considered to be one of the most picturesque train journeys in the world, will be a journey best experienced on the Viceroy Special. 


The T1 railcar (Diesel Deluxe),which was manufactured by English Electric Co. UK, designed to offer a railway travel of a different kind. The rustic railcar, which was in passenger service between 1947 and 1970, is now beautifully restored to its authentic appearance with luxury comfort.

 The railcar is a perfect environment in which to enjoy the proximity of your family and friends. It forms the basis of a magical way to travel with up to 32 passengers. We let you book an entire railcar which is also more cost effective than using a longer train. It facilitates not only travel to destinations but also special family occasions and corporate functions. The railcar allows guests to journey in comfort and style through the Sri Lankan railway net-work. Whether it’s a vacation through the Southern Coastal line, Trincomalee/ Baticaloa in the Eastern Region or ancient and religious sites in Anuradhapura/ Polonnaruwa, our goal is to exceed your expectations. In the hill country mainline, it travels only up to Rambukkana facilitating the popular day excursion to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage.

We offer an excellent service and fresh cuisine, handled by experienced staff and professional chefs, who are used to the challenge of cooking and serving in a moving environment. You will appreciate the opportunity to sit back and relax in comfort while enjoying the scenery go by, reading or socializing paving the way for your journey itself to becomes a vacation. The T1 rail car is sure to leave a lasting fantastic impression on our guests long after they have left.


This centrally air-conditioned single unit train, which was built in 1970 in Japan, has all modern amenities and comprises 05 compartments. It can accommodate 100 passengers in 03 compartments and the restaurant car has capacity of 40 seats. The 02 kitchens are running both hot & cool water.

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