Go camping, Go green


On the run of making the world a green paradise everyone has their part of responsibility to declare the globe as a healthy, green and sustainable unit. Number of footprints that we leave to the environment has been increasing in the tourism industry due to the plastic and polyethene disposals as garbage to the environment everywhere in the world including Sri Lanka. In order to justify our part of responsibility, Leopard Nest & Mice Team together have initiated Go Camping, Go Green as a sustainable tourism concept which the clients will embrace the wildlife adventures whilst contributing their responsibility to protect the environment and society. We are camping almost everywhere in Sri Lanka where the nature needs our contribution.


·         Resposinble adventure base green camping in Belihuloya

·         Resposinble adventure base green camping in Knucles

·         Resposinble  green camping in Yala National Park Buffer Zone

·         Resposinble green camping in Ella

·         Resposinble green camping in Gal Oya National Park

·         Resposinble  green camping in Wasgamuwa National Park

·         Resposinble  green camping in Wilpattu National Park


Together we save our world...!







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