Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka in 236 B.E and became the national religion of the Sinhalese from that date. Emperor Asoka decided on sending a token of the Great and Enlightened One to the land of Lanka and prepared a branch of the Sacred Bodhi Tree under which the Lord attained enlightenment. He planted the branch in a golden vessel and, when it had taken root, conveyed it to the ship, depositing it in the ship. He also sent a large number of attendants to accompany the tree.

Even though many countries possess Buddhism as a religion, Sri Lanka has its own identities, rituals, customs related to culture of the country. Experiencing and learning the doctrines of “Lord Buddha” will be a life time experience.  Learning the precepts and understanding the values of Buddhism will enhance your peace of mind and body.        

Sri Lanka is the best place to learn Theravada Buddhism and the country is filled with wonderful Buddhist monasteries and archeological sites. Experiencing the complete insight about the Buddhism The MICE team are capable of delivering Buddhist practices experiences for the people who seeks the inner peace and precept-based life. We the MICE team are expertise at experiencing you the Buddhist precepts meditations. Studying the precepts and learnings of Buddhism by being a Buddhist for certain period will give you an unforgettable experience.

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