Adventurous & Team building activities with The MICE Team will bring you a lot of enjoyment and confidence to your life. Queries of life will come into account when you are facing a new adventure & identifying not what I am but what we are like a team. Both Adventurous & team building activities will enhance the qualities like, Coordination, Team Work, Minimize the rework, Responsibility, Team Sprit, Time management, Trust, Communication & mind full of enjoyment. With the professional’s trainers we have in The MICE Team you will experience the best out of adventurous & Team Building activities.

Treasure Hunt 

A treasure hunt is one of many different types of games for players who compete to find hidden objects at a given time period by given clues for finding routes to the object.


Abseiling is an adventure activity which is conducted by using a rope to descend from a rock face, cliff or a waterfall in a situation where descending with adventurous experience. This activity emphasizes the self-confidence & personality of participants.


Kayaking is an activity which is used kayaks for move over the water. The way of sitting and number of blades on the paddle of kayaks are different from canoeing. 


Rafting is a game where the you will be in competing mode. Rafting is an activity conducted by using a raft which is made of barrels. Most people engage in rafting as an entertaining activity as well as an activity which suits for competitors.

Flying Fox

Fly like a bird in the air. Flying fox (Ariel rope) is an aero adventure activity which allow participants to move along a Ariel rope. Participant has to hang on the Ariel rope by using the pulley, jump from higher elevation and land on the safe surface. This activity is a base for individual personality development.


Find your aim by using a bow and arrow and fire it to particular targert. This thrilling activity keep the participants finding their aims to meet the targert. 

Air Rifle Shooting

Air Rifle Shooting is a shooting activity which will conduct by using air rifles and pallets which will allow you to develop the shooting skills at given range. this shooting activity will enhance participants concerntation ability and targert reaching capacity. 

Human trolley

This activity is mainly a team building activity which allows all team participants to move from one position to another position using specific equipment related to the activity.

Blind polygon

Blind polygon emphasizes the team spirit while giving an opportunity to identify the things around participants in a different manner.

You will be able to experience many more activities with The MICE Team.



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