Tuk Tuk is a very typical vehicle in Asia – a classical form of public transport, part of the everyday street scene – is the three-wheeled, slightly rattly-looking vehicle, the TukTuk, dubbed so in honour of its typical crackling two-stroke engine noise.

TukTuk Challenge is a very unique experience in Sri Lanka. This will be fun filled excursion in the roads of Sri Lanka. We’ll take you to an organic rice, fish, vegetable farm or Village where you can experience the authentic Sri Lankan culture and day to day lifestyle of the villagers. If you want to explore the history by TukTuk, we can arrange it in great ancient cities like Polonnaruwa and Anurdhapura.

Doing the tours in busy Cities like Colombo and Kandy by TukTuk makes your journey a memorable expedition even in the heavy traffic. TukTuk will take you on the road faster than any other vehicle by avoiding the traffic.

We can give you a memorable TukTuk experience together with other sightseeing activities to make your trip a special one. We have the capacity to arrange it very professionally at any location in Sri Lanka.

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