Village life in the countryside is fascinating and extremely sociable. The houses are provincial and each village tends to be inhabited by entire family generations. A Village Tour in Sri Lanka would give you an opportunity to pass some relaxing days in Sri Lankan countryside and to have some time off your hectic schedule.

Sri Lankan village folk enjoy a unique life style that’s humble, artistic, entertaining & touching. The intimate connection between Society and Buddhism as well as traditional forms of Art, Dance and Music are the fusion of the Sri Lanka Culture. In the early 19th century The British rule introduced democracy, modern education, legal and commercial agriculture system. Sri Lanka now is a mirror of its own ancient and modern cultures diverse from its cities to far villages across the tiny island.

Sri Lankan village folk are generally curious over foreign visitors. Countryside families are usually keen to talk to foreign visitors and even invite guests to their homes for tea. You can have your breakfast, lunch or dinner with any village household. Eating simple village food in rustic surroundings has its own taste and you would surely enjoy it. During your countryside trips, you can enjoy various aspects of village life. You can see their lifestyle in close quarters and experience their joys and sorrows. You can understand how hard they work to earn their livelihood. You would see several works associated with day-to-day works of village life such as fishing, wood carving, bakery, farming, coconut tree climbing etc.

Once the field is plowed and prepared for rice seedlings the ladies of the village take over. It is their job to do the back-breaking job of planting the individual seedlings, about 7 inches apart, in nice neat rows. Although sowing rice in the prepared field, instead of planting seedlings like this is easier and faster, it is believed that this process provides a better crop.

And of course, this calls for some entertainment, and the ladies provide it themselves, sometimes in the form of singing contests between groups of women working in adjoining fields. Just like the poems and songs associated with the bullock cart (driving) there are songs and poems (nelun kavi) associated with planting rice seedlings. Traditionally, these songs tell stories from the life of Buddha, while karattha kavi tends to be more like a commentary on the hard life of the bullock cart driver.

The Mice Team can arrange your village tour with an experienced guide by Foot, by Bicycle, by Boat or on a Bullock Cart. You may pass through paddy fields, lakes, and many more countryside attractions including daily farming activities. We can also arrange different cultural activities in the villages such as Cultural show, Devil dance, Shanthi karma (A blessing festival),Paduru party, Pirith Chanting by a monk, Meditation sessions etc. 

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