MICE Tourism

Sri Lanka is unrivalled for the number of attractions it has to offer compared to its size. It offers the traveller a unique experience in a very compact setting. The diversity of the island is unique compared to anywhere else on Earth. As a very rich destination for the tourists, Sri Lanka has much more to offer during your MICE Holidays. Sri Lanka is a premier location for any event that requires space blends with modernity. Either it is Science and Technology, fashion and clothing, medical exhibitions, Vehicle Exhibitions or Book Fairs, we have the capacity plan it very professionally.

Your event should not be another cooperate event, but it should be a memorable one with so much of interesting activities. Whether you need an expansive space for a large conference or corporate event, a fair-sized meeting room for a seminar or a small room for a private business gathering, we have a range of options for you to choose from. Our professional and courteous service will ensure you receive the fullest attention at all times to cater to all your requirements.

The MICE team have handled numerous incentive tours from the inception of the company and have got very good experience and capability within the company to handle any type of event very professionally. Our luxury fleet of vehicles, talented young professional staff and innovative thinking blended with the relationship that we have got with the best hotels in Sri Lanka give us an edge to plan a very special MICE tour in Sri Lanka.


Destination Weddings

Sri Lanka is one of the finest islands for the destination weddings. Traditional marriages hold a trade mark in the island of Sri Lanka which goes back to ancient times. Rituals in traditional marriages in Sri Lanka are very unique and colorful.  Inspire, impress, incite or invigorate – whatever you intend your destination wedding to achieve, your choice of location is paramount. From sumptuous seaside resorts to quite rural havens, we bring you some of the most unique venues for your special occasion in this beautiful country. Weather it is symbolic ceremony or full wedding with Sri Lanka upcountry or law country traditions, the MICE team attend in to the detail of your requirements.


The Mice Team provide one to one video consultation with all the wedding couples as soon as they book their destination wedding with us. We assist with all the documentation arrangements well in advance to make sure that you don’t waste your time for unnecessary things once you arrive to Sri Lanka. Complete professional guidance will be given to the couple to have a memorable and hassle free wedding in Sri Lanka.


Community Based Tourism Experiences

With over 2500 years of recorded history, Sri Lanka has got traditions, beliefs and rituals that are practiced by the community in the rural areas. The real cultural experiences can be gained only by interacting with these people and most of these experiences are authntic. Sri Lankans have earned the respect as one of the most hospitable nations in the world. Often, they invite the visitors to experience their day to day activities and share their traditions and experiences with them. Farm experiences, Paduru party experiences, Angampora fighting art training, cooking experiences, cultural festival experiences are some of the many community-based tourism experiences that you can enjoy during your visit to Sri Lanka. The MICE team have got the expertise to organize such community-based tourism experiences based on your requirements. We do not handle any of our activities through third parties in the respectives locations as we have our own ground staff to handle them very professionally to makesure that you get a real authntic local experience.

Responsible Tourism Experiences

Making the world a better place to live and better place to visit is a responsibility of every traveller. Due to the emerging consideration of responsible travel, the responsible tourism activities are getting more popularity among the tourists. Minimizing foot prints. Avoiding negative economic, social and environmental impacts and contributing the home country to enhance the well-being of local communities. Make positive contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage. Make more meaningful connecting between local and foreign communities and providing access to differently able communities to experience what others are able are some of the most important concerns of the Responsible tourism experiences that the MICE team have adopted when planning the responsible tourism activities. We have recently created many responsible tourism activities to enhance responsible travel and make the location we travel a better place to visit. The MICE team has our own team in each location to plan and manage these experiences very professionally.  

Leadership Development and Team Building

Leadership and Team work are two most important strengths of the most successful companies in the world. Often the companies face many troubles when one of these strengths are missing in their organizations. Developing these two qualities not easy unless the attitude plays a major role. Therefore, Leadership, Team work and attitude are three most important areas that we focus on when we are conducting the leadership and team building activities. We have well experienced and qualified instructors, mentors and lecturers to conduct these sessions very effectively. Leadership and Team building training with the MICE team is not just another team building activity. We plan customized sessions for each group based on their capacity, level of responsibility, nature of work and the industry that they work.